Monday, April 30, 2012

Measured Plan

The measurements are in.  My backyard is approximately 39’x27’, with two additional little nooks, not accounted for in the measurements.  Needless to say, I probably cannot fit everything that I originally planned into my backyard, so I must prioritize.  One of the keys to planning a garden is to think about what it is you want from your garden.  For our family, the answer is food, play, beauty, and retreat.

I guess the greenhouse will have to go.  I can continue to start all my seeds inside my house as I’ve done in the past…or maybe I can build a combo greenhouse/shed in one of the unaccounted for nook.  We’ll put that in the nook as a potential option.  Plus, then I can place a couple additional rain barrels on the roof.  I guess the sandbox must stay since it is already there, and my two young boys may protest its removal.  So, here is my new plan (as much to scale as a dreamer like me can manage), and it includes a small fish pond/water garden, a small shed/greenhouse combo, a doghouse, a sandbox, compost bins, a fire pit, space for a table and benches, 7 small garden beds, a fruit tree, and several paths for getting about.  Ambitious?  Maybe, but that’s my plan.  We’ll see if it all fits when I am on the ground creating.  Next step:  Planning what to plant.

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