Friday, August 10, 2012

Fall Planting

A second planting for a late fall harvest has been a major goal of mine this year as part of my Learning to Live Local on Less  journey.  Since I'm new to this second planting, I was thrilled to find that Mother Earth News has an app specifically designed for timing your plantings and has an option to split your planting schedule into spring and fall.  It was only $2, so I figured I can't go wrong and went ahead and purchased it.  I feel quite confident that it will help me expand my produce-growing power.  Without the app, I would have stuck with a few simple basics like leafy greens.  Now, I may try some braver endeavors as well, such as purple sprouting broccoli and oats.  Next step:  mustering up enough self-discipline to keep planting while harvesting, pruning, and weeding are all in full swing. 

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