Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What to Do With All Those Peaches

The problem with edible landscaping is that with every additional food-producing plant that I put in the ground comes additional maintenance, harvesting, and "putting up" work.  Since we are up to our elbows in peaches (and apples and grapes) here at the Draper homestead, I think it is due time for a Top 10 Uses for Peaches list.  You may notice the absence on the list of eating them straight away after picking them.  This is because my peaches are not very sweet this year (likely due to the drought), so I will be primarily using them in things.

10.  Peach Crostata
 9.  Upside Down Peach Cake
 8.  Blanch, Peel, Slice, and Freeze in Light Syrup
 7.  Puree and add to iced tea (good for those peeled, sliced peaches that start to brown before you can use them).
 6.  Puree and add to quick breads.
 5.  Peach Pie
 4.  Peach Cobbler
 3.  Peach Crisp
 2.  Smoothies
 1.  Mash into yogurt.

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