Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lotion on Less

Out of cash and out of lotion = time to make a new batch of homemade lotion.  The process is amazingly easy, and it makes great lotion.  I began my lotion-making ventures based on a recipe at, one of my favorite blogs, so I must give them credit.  However, I like a very thick lotion, so I've adapted it and made my own recipe.

What you will need:

Bees Wax (2 Tbs)
Olive Oil (1/2 Cup)

Aloe (1 Cutting)
...and some water.
        (1/2 Cup)

1.  Grate the bees wax - of course, I do this with my food processor.  I grate plenty of bees wax so that I can just pull it out pre-grated for a quick lotion refill session.  If you want a workout, feel free to grate by hand! Not sure where to get bees wax?  Connect with me...I have a few family members who raise bees.  Or find a local beekeeper - (s)he will have wax.
Grated bees wax
2.  Next, heat the wax and the oil together in a double-boiler until the wax melts.

3.  Add goop from inside your aloe plant into the hot oil mixture...or you can purchase a small container of aloe vera at a craft store and use that.  This is also the time that I add a few drops of tea tree oil and sometimes vitamin E if I have it on hand.  Tea tree oil has a very specific odor - if you don't like it, add a scent that you do like...or just embrace the smell of olive oil.
5 drops

4.  Dump the hot oil into a warm blender and turn it on.  Then quickly pour in lukewarm water all at once.  It will congeal like magic within seconds!

Lotion in a Blender  ;)
 5.  Pour off any water that does not bind itself to the lotion.

6.  Put lotion into clean container in which you want to keep it.

7.  Just rub any lotion in that gets on you in the process and clean up.

I've had a lot of requests for my lotion, so now you know the process and ingredients.  If you are not up to making it yourself, I will make you a jar and sell it to you for $6.50. 

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