Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Material for Pathways

This is not the picture that inspired my garden design, but the concept is similar.
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I believe that I have my backyard plan figured out as much as possible from afar.  Now, I am on to thinking about process.  What materials will I use for the paths?  Will I use raised beds, will I till in the sod and battle the weeds, or will I use a sod remover?  Weighing the options…

The Paths
True naturalists want to de-pave the planet as much as possible and use mulch paths.  However, I must admit that I really like the pretty brick paths in the picture that inspired my backyard design.  After living on the shores of the North Sea for a few months, I have come to respect rock as a natural part of the earth.  Perhaps, as a compromise, I could create paths of small pebbles.  But really, who wants pebble paths?  They will require weeding and the wheelbarrow will be hard to push.  And I really like the brick.  So here’s the plan:  if I can get my hands on some cheap (or free), recycled brick, I will go with brick paths.  If not, I will mulch the paths.

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