Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Day on the Ground

Beginning the general layout with stones, boards, and stray gutters marking the boundaries.
I can finally get my hands in the dirt, doing the fun work of homesteading…happy to be done with the planning phase!  First, I had to test my measurements and plans and see if they would really work.  Pencil and paper is so great – you can make anything look like it will work.  I did some adjusting – narrowed the paths to cut back on the amount of bricks needed, which of course also expands the productive space available for planting.  The good news is – the general concept fits and works.  Next step was buying the lumber.  We bought 2x8's…went over budget a bit, and by a bit, I mean double!  Not a good start in the budget department but otherwise a productive and fun day.


  1. So when are you going to post all the updated pictures of the raised beds that the greatest husband in the world built? I don't follow this blog for nothing... ;)

  2. There's a picture on the entry entitled "Happy Work" from June 6. No worries - you got credit! :)