Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Permaculture Problems

The first year that I attempted permaculture, I got caught up in the free-spirited, seed-sowing moment and scattered all sorts of rare heirloom seeds all over my garden trusting the permaculture principle and process (I felt fully liberated from all my preconceived gardening notions!).  It didn’t even cross my mind in the moment that I did not know what the baby leaves of my dear little rare heirlooms looked like.  Thus, weeding became impossible.  Either I was letting weeds overtake until everything was large enough to tell the difference, thus taking precious nutrients from my sustenance producing plants, or I was pulling out the wrong plants!  I did a little of both and ended up with a messy garden that probably could have produced much more with better care. 

How can you avoid the same trouble and still make use of every precious square inch of your growing space?  More on that in the next post…

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