Wednesday, May 16, 2012

To-Do List

1.    Prepare garden layout for optimum plant pairing and natural pest control.
2.    Choose which variety of each vegetable to plant.
3.    Investigate the plausibility of raising ducks or quail for eggs and meat.
4.   Find and purchase seeds.
5.    Relocate compost piles
6.   Remove unwanted slab path.
7.    Overlay the ground with sheets and towels.
8.   Put a “bricks wanted” ad on Craigslist.
9.   Purchase materials for raised beds.
10. Build raised beds.
11.  Purchase topsoil and fill beds.
12. Sow seeds.
13. Purchase and plant starts for plants that are too late to start from seed.
14. Dig small pond.
15. Introduce vegetation and animal life into pond.

That should have me off to a good start.  Add to that upkeep of the front and side yards, and I think I’ll be able to keep myself (and my family) occupied.

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