Friday, May 18, 2012

Raising Quail

I’ve done a little digging on the plausibility of raising quail, and I’m feeling hopeful.  It seems they are a pleasant lot to raise but that they are very susceptible to predators (yes, even the stray cats could probably get them). This means that letting them roam freely puts the poor little guys at risk.  So, if I want to raise quail, I’ll need to pen them and only let them run around while we’re outside to protect them.  We do want them to have time to walk around the gardens for their sake and because they will eat little bugs that would otherwise eat our vegetables.  This setup is all very doable, but here’s the catch:  Muncie has a “no poultry” ordinance for residential zones of the city.  People are currently working to get this overturned.  Please help by signing the petition at  I’m hoping they’ll get the ordinance overturned before I build my pen and purchase my quail, but if not, I’m not convinced that there isn’t a loophole here.  I mean, really, how can you ban birds?  They are everywhere from the sidewalks, to the Redbuds, to inside my house.  Just because I may eat my quail’s eggs, she’s suddenly not allowed?!? 

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