Friday, June 1, 2012

All in a Day's Work

A productive day!  We now have a yard full of raised, albeit empty, beds.  The result is a really cool looking outline of what our backyard will become.  I am indebted to my fabulous husband who committed an entire day to building these beds.  I was a pretty good helper, I think.  To prep the area, I began laying down linen fabric to block the weeds and old soil from contaminating the new beds, but then I ran out of fabric and commitment, so we now have an experiment to determine which beds are better.  When I wasn’t needed to help with building the beds, I was tearing out and discarding my hopelessly diseased grapevine, spreading compost all around, and checking on the kiddos.  They did a great job of staying out from underfoot…earned themselves a trip to Berry Winkle!