Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bye-Bye, Birdie

This week's dead bird. 

Sadly, I find a dead, young bird in my yard about weekly.  Sometimes they are much younger than the one pictured above.  One time we found a brand new baby that didn’t even have its feathers laying in our yard still alive.  We took that one to a local bird rescuer, but every other time, the bird has been dead before we find it.  I don’t think my dog is to blame…she’s just not the type.  J  Nevertheless, for you doubters, additional proof lies in the facts that we found a living baby and that I have found a dead bird in the raised beds without a trace of the soil having been disturbed by dog footprints.  My hypothesis is that these little birds fall out of the roof of our neighbor’s house when trying to first learn to fly (it hovers over our back yard and has plenty of bird activity in and out of a hole in the soffit).  I’m not sure I will ever solve this mystery, but please let me know if you are a bird expert and have a suggestion for how I can prevent this.

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