Friday, June 15, 2012

Lookin' Good, Darlin'

The backyard is already starting to feel like more of an inviting oasis, so much so that I stepped outside to enjoy the atmosphere last night in my less-than-modest pajamas (really, they weren't so bad, I promise).  I was picturing myself in the privacy of my backyard, where no one would see me anyway, enjoying some peace and quiet.  Well, reality was something different!  The minute I stepped outside, I was surprised to find my neighbor out on his second story landing that hovers over my backyard.  After an awkward greeting, I went to briefly take a picture of the compost for the blog, only to hear the conversation continued with, “Lookin’ Good, Darlin’.”   Assuming the best of his intentions, I just said, “thanks” without returning eye contact and went back inside after taking the compost picture.  After repeatedly replaying the scenario in my head, I cannot think of a better alternative response to my “thanks.”  So, I guess I will just have to embrace the reality that, though my backyard may become an edible oasis, it is still an urban oasis and that I will have to wear more clothes when enjoying my garden.

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