Saturday, June 23, 2012

Non-edibles and the Box Store

Gerber Daisy - a favorite of today's finds
I found more space for plants while cleaning out a section that I thought was just weeds on top of cement.  I was thrilled to instead find sections of dirt between the cement path and the foundation of the house.  If any of the soil surrounding our house is contaminated with things like lead and asbestos, this is the space.  So, instead of planting edibles, right now I'll put some non-edible flowers in until I test the soil. 

A friend and I made a trip to what she refers to as death row at Lowes and picked up flowers for next to nothing (as cheap as 25 cents for a six pack of impatiens).  I know this doesn't quite count as living local, but she got me feeling like I was saving helpless little plants from premature death!  Overall, I have done fairly well on supplying my garden locally overall, purchasing topsoil from nearby Shadeland Farms and purchasing plants and seeds from the locally owned G&M Pet and Garden center.   Then, of course there are the free plants from nearby friends and family.  So, can anyone blame me for saving some non-edible plants from unnecessary early death at the big box store?!?  

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