Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Work

Planting is much easier than moving large amounts of soil!  I’ve been enjoying the lighter work of getting the seeds and starts into the ground (with the help of two eager little boys) over the past few days.  Most everything is planted with a few exceptions, so now I need to move on to laying the paths and digging the small pond.   

In the meantime, we’re enjoying our black raspberry harvest…it’s hard to beat homemade, black raspberry ice cream. I also made a delicious cherry pie using Julia Child's pastry crust recipe and my neighbor's extra cherries (yes, she gave them to me!).  

I also thought I should let you know that this post holds good news for the budget front to offset some of the initial setbacks.
1.  Lots of free starts from my sister
2.  Black raspberries coming out our ears (a very pricey fruit at the store)
3. Free batch of cherries from our neighbor's harvest


  1. What is your secret to growing raspberries?

    1. No special secrets...I've not had any trouble with them. I'm convinced they'd be considered an invasive weed if it weren't for the delicious berries. I can give you a few tips, nonetheless:

      1. Mine are in full sun all morning, with a bit of shade in the afternoon and evening.

      2. They are in a well-drained area and up against a protective wall (privacy fence).

      3. Cut the stalks back that produced fruit each year. This will result in more spreading and higher production.

      Hopefully that helps a little. Keep me posted. Nothing beats fresh produce grown at home!