Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vigor Gone Bad

After making significant progress digging my small pond, I decided to see how close I was by trying to fit the kiddy pool (my waterproof liner) down into the hole.  The hole looked deep enough, but the pool wasn’t dropping down into it.  A lapse in judgment found me trying to push the pool down into the hole with my foot because the fit was so close.  While it should have come as no surprise, I was surprised to find my foot pushed right through the bottom of the plastic kiddy pool, leaving me with a foot-sized hole in my sealed liner intended for my small pond.  In retrospect, I now realize I should have redirected my vigor to digging the hole wider instead of trying to stomp the pool down into it.  Meanwhile, I am toying with the idea of how to repair the hole in a way that will hold when wet (probably not tape) without contaminating the water (probably not Gorilla Glue), leaving me concerned that I may just have to throw out the pool and the idea of using it for my water barrier.

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