Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Liquid Gold

Human urine is high in nitrogen, which is great for your plants!  People flush away free fertilizer everyday, and then go purchase nitrogen containing plant food.  I must admit, I’ve been found guilty too.  But those days are over.  Now, we’ve started a new routine…peeing straight into the watering can.  Why not pee straight into the garden?  Because undiluted urine can burn plants due to its high salt content.  If you and/or members of your family urinate directly into the watering can, then you just top up with water (about a 9:1 water to urine ratio) and water your plants.  I am not short on male volunteers to pee in the watering can at my house, so I still get to use the toilet!  

I hope the following goes without saying, but to be sure, the solid waste from our bodies (a.k.a. poop) is not good for your garden and will spread disease if not disposed of properly.  Please do not scoop urine from the toilet bowl to use on your garden, as bacteria from stool is present.  The urine needs to go straight from your body to a separate holding container until used on the garden.  Another fun use for urine is peeing straight onto the compost pile.  This helps break down the organic material faster while providing moisture and nitrogen.  So, stop wasting all that water flushing away your liquid gold and send it straight to your garden and compost pile!


  1. hahaha this makes me so happy! -christina

  2. This is a great, funny blog post. Getting better every day.